These are just a few of the thousands of fishing locations around Ireland’s northwest. Click “Show all places” to begin and there is also a search function if you already know the name of the location you want. From a mobile device you can also start a gps route directly from the map. Follow the route to a happy days fishing.

We have added some info and photo’s where possible. Enjoy and please remember to follow the country code when crossing land. When in doubt its always best to seek permission. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to drop us an email.

Another useful tool for find Fishing locations instead of using google maps is Zoom Earth. Often you will find multiple versions of different years for the statelite images when zoomed in far. You can go to it by clicking Here

Index of Fishing spots in the Map of Fishing Locations in the Northwest of Ireland

Annaghduff Lough – Rarely fished due to a long enough walk down to the bank but there is excellent Tench fishing to be had to the fitter among Anglers. There is also decent Bream too.

Aughris Head Beach – Plenty of Flounder and Dogfish available. Tope also possible from the shore. Try fish into fast moving water with enough lead to hold the bottom for the tope. Bass is also a possibility if there is a good surfing running.

Boyle River/Canal – easy access for parking and close to the main road. Its a great spot to do a looped walk while spinning for perch and pike. Plenty of Roach available also. dropshotting, spinning and float fishing all work well here. Bream shoal do build up here from time to time also.

Darby’s Hole РVery good fishing for Wrasse and Pollock. Mackerel also available when they are within range. Be careful here as it can be very exposed to the winds especially from the west

Drumgorman Lough -great parking availability. There is one disabled stand and multiple pegs for easy access to the water. All coarse fish available and fishes well at night also.

Lough Bran – Good fishing for Bream, Tench and Pike. Plenty of silvers. easy access and new road built leading down to it. Plenty of parking also. Can be quite an exposed place to fish so best suited to calmer weather.

Lough Patrick – Lough Patrick has received a few new stiles provided by the IFI and also there is a large double stand fishing into deep water. There is an island mark also which can be good for large Tench and Bream. Walk to the bank is about 80 – 100 meters.

MacHugh Lough, – Good fishing for all coarse fish. Large Parking area and disabled Stand access.

Mucklagen Lough – Fishing for Tench, Bream, Pike, Perch. Small road with limited parking but excellent fishing to be had. Some forestry work was also completed recently which seems to have left some other bank fishing options available.

Tully Lough – Great fishing for Tench, and all other coarse fishing is available also. shore fishing access mainly along the eastern shore. can get quite weedy during the summer months and it would be worth raking out an area to fish over.

Hangmans Rock, Sligo – Fishing for Wrasse and Pollock from very high ledges. be careful at this location its its not for the faint hearted. Other than that there is some great fishing to be had

Rosses Point, Sligo, Ireland – Fast moving channel during the middle of the tides. you will need heavy enough leads with grips if hoping to hold bottom. Dogfish, Wrasse, Flounder and probably the odd bass

Incha Lough, County Roscommon – very easy access and as such can be quite busy during the season. Pike, Tench, and most other coarse fish available too. Please don’t light fires or leave rubbish.

Strandhill Estuary Cullenamore, Sligo – Mullet, Sea Trout and Bass would be available along here. If you arrive around low tide it would be much easier to spot the gullies and food holding locations that will be submerged during the incoming tide. These would be the areas to contcentrate on. good knowledge of the tides and make sure you have planned an exit back too dry land. it could be easy to get cut off from the flooding tide.

Raghleys Harbour, Sligo – easy access, quiet on most occasions and an enjoyable place to pass a few hours harbour fishing. Wrasse, Pollock, Conger, Dogfish all on offer.

Cavetown Lough, Roscommon – Fish species in Cavetown Lough include Perch, Roach, Bream and Pike. Heard of tench being caught also.

Acres Lough, Leitrim – lots of areas to fish from and easy acess for relaxed fishing but this area can be very busy with swimmers and people walking so early morning or night fishing might be the best option

Meelagh Lough, Roscommon – Fish species in Lough Meelagh include Perch, Pike, Bream, Roach

Key Lough, Forest Park, Roscommon – bit of a walk from the car park but it can be a nice quiet spot for easy and comfortable fishing.

Lough Key Forest & Leisure Park – parking is not free here but there is plenty of amenities available with some easy access to fishing from the docks for Roach, Perch and Pike.

Hartley’s Bridge, County Roscommon, Ireland – river fishing available along this nice stretch of slow flowing water.

The Mudflats, County Roscommon, Carrick On Shannon – competition stretch with plenty of wooden stands available. Great parking also available.

Streedagh Beach and Estuary, Sligo, Ireland – A Storm Beach, Estuary and Rock Fishing Mark with plenty of options. Bait digging for lugwarm is also available behind the dunes at the carpark.

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